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Pet Name: Rej

Breed: Standard Poodle/Border Collie

D.O.B. 19/11/98

Sire: Cindora Silver Shadow Of Stillmoor

Dam: Fiveways Woolley Bear







I saw this puppy when he was only two days old. Bridie Chapman bred him and his mum is litter sister to Indie. At the time I wasn't looking for another dog. I saw him several times before he went to his new home and thought what a little git he was, always beating his siblings up and hiding under the furniture. I liked the big black and white pup that eventually became Hobe and went to live with Dot. The black puppy went off to his new home........



One Thursday evening, six months later, at about half past five, I got a phone call from Bridie. Apparently, his new owner's circumstances had changed and he, now called Tyke, had to be left all day while they went to work. They were fed up with coming home to find the house trashed and didn't think much to his attempt at rewiring the utility room. He was on his way to the vets. (One way!) Did I want him? Let me think. Six months old, unruly, no manners, destructive.

Eeeerrrrmm........ NO THANKS! 

I was getting ready to go training when a knock came at the door. It was Bridie. 'I know you said you didn't want him, but just have a look'. She fetched him in from the car. This ugly, black bundle with strange, wiry hair, not unlike a certain Spit the Dog, came charging into the room. Did a wall of death around the furniture, went into the kitchen, had a drink, introduced himself to the other dogs, who were far from happy, and then laid on the sofa. Obviously, he'd made himself at home. Bridie gave me his lead, it still had the price tag on and not a dog hair in sight!

I had to take him with me coz I had just had my house rewired by an electrician and didn't want it altering! C'mon Tyke, says I, he just looked at me blankly. You really are a REJect says I, and he got a new name. He came training. All the way there in the car he 'bonked' another dog. He screamed his head off most of the night and 'bonked' the same dog all the way home.

What had I done? 

~ ~ ~



What I had done was made the best decision of my life (so far).

Rej has turned out to be a great dog. His coat has grown and he is now very handsome. (I won't have a word said otherwise!) He has been a joy to train and tries really hard to do whatever you ask of him. He got his Novices and 'A's in his first season. Two 'B's very early on in the next season and then decided he couldn't do stays. I thought we had sorted it and he got his last B. A 'C' win followed quite quickly and he obtained his Obedience Warrant. Then the stay demon came back.

For nearly two years he couldn't do stays. I must admit to nearly giving up and just doing agility with him. 

However, the few times he did his stays he was gettin g placed so I persevered, and changed his whole set up for the dreaded exercise. We have since qualified for ticket.I'll never say that his stay problem is cured. I see him as being like an alcoholic, 'Hi. I'm Rej and I'm a stay breaker but I've been clean for ........'

Hopefully he'll be able to continue with his rehabilitation!





Rej is quite a sensitive little man, despite his gobby attitude. This is until he sees any agility equipment. Once he realises where he is you would think he has reverted back to the hooligan he once was!  We only do agility shows when we haven't got an obedience one to get to, so not that many. He won out of 'starters' for me and has been placed in Novice and Intermediate. We don't do much agility training, I can't stand the hassle when Rej causes so much disruption, but I think if I had decided to just do agility with him he would have tried his best to give the collies a run for their money :) 

Whatever he does, whether it's obedience, agility or just having a cuddle, he gives it his all and really tries his best to please.

~ ~ ~


The morals of this tale...

1. Even if you think you don't want something, fate knows best.

2. If at first glance something looks ugly, have another look.






Newz Flash!

On Saturday 28th July 2007, Rej won the Reserve Ticket at Potters Bar Championship Show.

Photo by Canvas_Graphics



Rej may be retired but he still likes to keep control of the toys.....................






Rej at 14 on holiday (August 2012)


Rej took his last sleep on July 6th 2014. 


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