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Once upon a time on New Years Day about ten years ago, two friends were at Woodgreen exemption show . They saw a dog like they'd never seen before; a blue merle GSD with a beautiful blue eye.  One of the friends, being very nosey, had to ask about the dog.  It turned out it was a GSD crossed with a Collie. To this day they'd never seen another, but the nosey one had always thought, maybe one day fate would lend a hand.........






Pet Name: Duggie

Breed: GSD/Collie

DOB: 29/09/2006

Sire: Charles  

Dam: Zena






This time, me looking for another puppy is all down to Wogan. She's decided that she wants to be the 'new Wilf' and choose which shows she works at!!  I can't say I blame her really, the last four shows she's been to, four different dogs have 'had a go' at her for no reason.  This has made her really jumpy so we'll see what happens next year.  This made me think about a new babe. Rej was eight this year, so by the time a new pup is ready for the ring Rej will be ready to retire. Tears

~ ~ ~ 

I had started to look for a pup. Tried for a rescue but was turned down yet again. (Really must win the lottery so that I don't have to go to work). Decided I wasn't going to have another unless I could have a Merle GSD/Collie, with a blue eye. Everyone said I'd have no chance.  I even hounded a friend to put her Merle boy onto her GSD bitch. I can't print her reply!!

Then I got an email from Jo saying there was a litter of crosses in her local paper. I wasn't interested unless there was a merle.

Yeah!! There were lots of merles.

 I rang the breeder and asked her to send piccies of the available dogs.

The first picture I opened was Duggie  Heart/arrow

I emailed Danielle straight away and told her I'd be over Saturday to pick him up.  Everyone thought I was nuts picking him from a photo, but something about him was *right*

I decided I couldn't wait until Saturday and I came over quite poorly at work on Wednesday and had to leave early. <Winky 2>  Duggie arrived at my house after a six hour round trip. (It should have been four at the most but there were loads of road works) He slept all the way home, bless him.

He has fitted in perfectly. Indie, Wilf and Rej all took to him, Wogan packed her suitcase and sat by the door for two days hoping for adoption, and Jerry's Jerry!


Jo had this little blue merle boy.




~ ~ ~

Duggie at seven weeks


Duggie at thirteen weeks


Duggie @ six months

Duggie @ nine months



29th June 2007

Dug's started training properly now. He still can't quite control his back legs, but he tries really hard.  He has a natural 'trot' which I think is gonna look scrummy when he does his heelwork. His recall and retrieve are coming along nicely, although he does sometimes find the dumbell much too heavy to carry and run with at the same time! He's still very much a baby and I think it'll be well into next year before he's ready to compete properly.  I have entered him in a couple of shows later this year just to see 'what we've got' and what needs more work.

Newz Flash!

I entered Duggie  at Halstead Show, to see what he knew. He was a little star and only went and won the class, not bad for his 10 month birthday and his first show!! Here's to next year.................................





Duggie @ 18 months







Look into my eyes!


Goodbye to Novice

Duggie worked his second Novice round on Sunday at Rugby, and won again.  
That's two out of two for my 'little' boy.

Hello & Goodbye to 'A'

Dug worked his first 'A' round at West Suffolk and had a run off for 1st place. We got 2nd.
He worked his second 'A' round at Newmarket and came 1st. Wot a little star he is............... 



Dug won his second 'A' at Deben Valley................

Dug won his third and final 'A' at Halstead. That's exactly a year, and six rounds worked, since he went into the ring  for the first time.






Bs all gone

Duggie won his first B at Halstead in August 2009 (think this is our favourite show!!!).  He then forgot how to do sendaways so we spent the rest of the year reminding him.  2010 saw him making his 'come back'
He won his second B at MBCC and won his third and final one at West Suffolk in June.
We decided to use all our freebie Bs to make his sendies stronger - hopefully it'll pay off............

Woo Hoo

Dug got his first qualifier with his first full round in C

Dug's a big Ticket Boy now

Duggie has now qualified for 'Ticket'
We've dabbled in
a few this year to see what needs tweaking and are really looking forward to working him next year







On holiday     












To see how Dug's getting on at the shows, please visit the